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7/24 ORDER
With the technological advancements, computers and internet have already taken place of telephone and fax. ER-AL Stationary, which follows the technological advancements so closely for a long time, transfers most part of the business transactions to the computer and internet environment with this project. Now, the doors of ER-AL Stationary are opened to you for 7 to 24. Through Quipas Eral Kapı you can access to the system of ER-AL Stationary and place orders whenever you want. Your orders are immediately reached to ER-AL Stationary and the products are shipped with the first consignment. Moreover, you can save your orders and activate it on any time.

As the world keeps on changing at an incredible pace, it is almost impossible to follow economical developments. Any incident on any part of world could now influence the price of the product that you sell. The difficulty in following the fluctuating price lists may be resulted in loss of profit and sales. With Quipas Eral Kapı, all the impediments originated from price fluctuations disappear. Whenever you want you can access to Eral Kapı and see the updated price lists of almost 50.000 products, and when you search for a product you can see the price and remaining inventory nearby.

There is a substantial amount of product circulation in ER-AL Stationary. Inventories vanish quickly, which are replaced by the new ones. On the other hand new products and new brands are included in ER-AL Stationary. While preparing offer or order, the lack of information about the inventory level or availability of a certain product in ER-AL Stationary, may cause serious waste of time. With Quipus Eral Kapı, you can see the inventory cards of ER-AL Stationary with just one click, and you can also look into the alternative products. You can also immediately see every single product included in ER-AL Stationary on your own computer and increase your alternatives.

Having placed your orders, there is another process going on: Order tracking. You wonder whether your order is packed or not, whether it is shipped or not, and when you receive it. Since you arrange your business transactions accordingly, it is important for you to receive your orders on time. With Quipas Eral Kapı, you can keep track of your orders far more effectively and quickly. Accessing to the system, you can see all the details about your order like whether it is packed or not, whether it is shipped or not, whether its invoice is made out or not, and the type of shipment.

Nowadays, it is even more important for the companies to receive the needed information as soon as possible. With the current system you file the orders you made and the invoices you receive and whenever you need information related to past orders it is quite time consuming to get this particular information among these tens of files. With Quipas Eral Kapı, you can analyze your orders, and receive any information with just one click. You can get daily inventory, and you can see your remaining inventory, shortage, invoices and profitability.

With the current system, even you file the invoices you receive; you need to check your current account time to time. With Quipas Eral Gate, you can investigate your current account information on your own computer whenever you want, and see any detail you need.

With the current system, it is impossible to know every single product you have in your inventory. Especially, when your customers asked for it, you need to check records in order to give the correct prices which causes extra waste of time. With the Quipas Eral Kapı, you can integrate the price-check program into your computer and present the most updated and correct prices to your customers.

Now, you can see only the gross, dozen, box or package prices of the products you buy from your wholesaler, and you have to determine all the details about a single product on your own. ER-AL stationary defines the smallest product details and barcode numbers to the inventory cards for you. With Quipas Eral Kapı, every single product is bar coded for you. Hence, you can sell bar coded products and you can reflect your sales on invoice or on retail bill through cash-register if you wish.