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7/24 ORDER
With Depom (B2B) webpage, you can place orders for 7 to 24 at any place with internet connection. The orders you placed are shipped with the first consignment after your order. You can place orders determining a price-range, and optionally you can form two separate baskets. Besides, transferring the product group to excel, you can form a separate media to work on.

You can keep track of all the details of the orders you placed on ER-AL Stationary with Depom (B2B). It includes all the orders you placed personally, or through phone as well as the orders through Depom. Within this service you can receive all the information related to your order such that; who prepared your order, whether it is packed or not, whether the invoice is made out or not, whether it is shipped or not, and the type of shipment.

It has never been such easy to keep up with the market, and to get informed about every new product and innovative promotions. You can see the updated details of almost 20.000 products included in ER-AL Stationary through Depom (B2B). The details include the price specific to you, information about product inventory, information about new and promoted products.

You can view the current accounts related to all of the orders you receive from ER-AL Stationary and access to the details of the invoices made out. Besides, you can save a copy of the current account by transferring it on excel.